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  • Designs as unique as your business. Right out of the box.

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    Applications built with Pega Infinity™ come with a layered architecture and scalable UX paradigms designed to capture business value. Unlike our competitors, Pega does not mandate the use of the generic UX for all situations, but focuses on creating ideal designs for specific business use cases.

  • Total visibility and control of your users’ journeys.

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    The Pega Platform™ provides business, design, and IT teams with clear insight into a userʼs journey at all stages.

  • Consistency comes standard.

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    Pega’s reusable UX pattern system builds a consistent mental model for users, helping them move through navigation and interaction effortlessly.

  • Smooth sailing across channels.

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    Research shows 90% of customers use multiple devices to accomplish a single task. Pega case management maintains user state, even when users switch channels. A user can initiate an interaction on a website - continue in the mobile app - and finish with a phone call seamlessly.

  • Customized guidance and real-time feedback.

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    The Pega Customer Decision Hub™ uses real-time analytics to understand the user's context, previous encounters, current actions, and other available data to recommend the next-best-action in real-time.

  • Welcome to the low-code revolution.

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    With a simple click or drag-and-drop of the mouse you can write future-proof front-end code. Code is kept up-to-date - even as new technologies emerge - freeing you to focus on user experience.

  • The Pega UI design system.

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    The Pega Platform™ provides a complete web-based front-end framework driven by HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Pega allows UX designers to define, add, and govern standards throughout the development process. Learn about Pega vs. leading UI frameworks.

  • Layered and inheritable UI architecture.

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    Frequently used UI elements and interactions—such as a change-of-address form—can be repeated across all of your enterprise applications. Each adjustment cascades through all applications or specific ones. The power to scale is as simple as the click of a button.

  • Simply massive scalability.

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    Create multiple contextual application views for various roles, devices, or other contexts. A customer view, an employee view, and mobile app view all work from a single data model and set of business logic.

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