Form elements

As many applications built with Pega 7 include data entry components, we pay considerable attention to the design of forms and provide a variety of valuable controls out of the box.

Last updated: Mar 2017

Radio buttons and dropdowns

Both radio buttons and dropdown menus provide users with the ability to select one of a number of options. Radio buttons are preferred as the user does not have to click to see the options, however if there are more than seven options, a dropdown is a better choice. In both instances, it is best to present the selection options the as a vertical list as it is easier to read than a horizontal list.

Radio button and dropdown examples

Last updated: Mar 2017


A single checkbox should be used when the user needs to indicate true or false. Multiple checkboxes with a label should be used to give the user multiple options in response to a question.

Checkbox example

Last updated: Mar 2017

Segmented button group

Another control that can be used to select is the segmented button. This is most often used in Pega to filter lists and control overall views. For example, showing only items related to an individual, a group, or all. This should be used when there are between two and four options.

Segmented button group example

Last updated: Mar 2017

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