The goal of navigation in an application is to help the user identify the path necessary to complete a task. Using consistent patterns of navigation within an application helps the user to feel comfortable and confident throughout their entire experience.

Last updated: Mar 2017

Side navigation

All applications have a side menu that allows the user to navigate between the sections of an application.

Often, applications also have a “Recents” section that allows the user to navigate to and from their most recently opened items. In Pega 7, only one item is open at a time and no tabs are displayed at the top of the screen.

Side navigation example

Last updated: Mar 2017

Header navigation

The header area is used for global actions such as application-wide search, user settings, and—if there are fewer than five links—global navigation.

Header navigaiton example

Last updated: Mar 2017

Other navigation

While completing a task, a user might navigate by using tabs, a wizard, or a context menu.

Other navigation types

Last updated: Mar 2017

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