Links always do one of two things — open a new view or move to a new position on the current view.

Example of a standard link


Use a link when a user is opening a new page. (If the user is performing an action, use a “Light” button instead. See: Buttons)

Links should be named descriptively to tell the user what will happen when they click on it. Use a label of [Verb][Destination], or just as [Destination]. E.x. “Open claim”, or “Claim-123”

Generally, links use the “Standard” style. If you have many links related to a single item, the primary link should use the “Strong” style.

Styling of each link style

Last updated: Jul 2018

Tooltip usage

Tooltips should only be used on interactive items that show no display text, for instance a button with only an icon. This would be rare in the case of links. For more information, see tooltips

Last updated: Aug 2018

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