Utilities overveiw

With the new release of Pega's Cosmos design system's Work Theme not only has the UX and UI received a visual refresh; but also, the information architecture’s approach has been clarified to be modular. The Utilities section houses all modular widgets that further support the relevant case.

utilities panel
Utilities share three content sections: predictions, followers, and files and documents. Predictions, represented in a highlight visual layout, showcase any significant insights about the case. Followers present quick links to anyone associated with the case. Lastly, files and documents provide a reference to all attachments that have been associated with the relevant case content.
The Utilities panel is displayed on the right side of the UI. The user has the ability to close the panel at anytime. In this case, the utilities panel will be represented by the ribbon component. The utilities ribbon contains a set of icons that correspond to each of the utilities sections mentioned above.

Last updated: Jul 2020