App announcement

Low-code configurable 8.6

The app announcement widget displays an in-app announcement on a user’s screen.

The app announcement widget consists of a header, description, announcements section, call to action, dismiss button, and card background. Only the header, dismiss button, and card background are required to configure an app announcement.

App announcements can be used to inform users of key or critical data messaging and prompt them toward action. For example, it may be used to describe a current application version along with a list of new features, as well as encourage users to view additional details by clicking on a button.

Text content can be customized. It is possible to set the app name as the header and present general descriptions and details in list form.

You can also set a call to action, which can redirect a user to a page with additional information. The app announcement widget can also be dismissed.

The widget background is set to a default branding color and can contain an image with an app logo. The image is displayed as semi-translucent.