Low-code configurable 8.6

Avatars are visual cues that illustrate a user, group, file type, channel, or case type.

Avatars always appear at the beginning of a string of text or summary list item. In some cases, avatars may be customized to provide further personalization.


Avatars representing people, such as a user, are always presented in a circle. User avatars highlight individuals associated with specific content.

Deploy user avatars whenever the content is highly personal (such as in conversations in Pulse or if the user is critical to case information (such as last updated data).

Non-customized user avatars display the first letter of the user's first name / given name and the first initial of the last name / family name. Small renderings of the non-customized user avatars will display only the first letter of the first name.


Squircle avatars are used for case type identities.

Generic channels (such as chat, phone, chatbot, and email) use Cosmos' generic palette. Brand-specific channel avatars, such as Facebook or Twitter, should adopt the brand’s color palette. Due to the personal nature of the channel's relationship to a user, channel avatars are similar to user avatars and should be represented within a circle.