Avatars are visual cues that illustrate a user, group, file type, channel, or case type. Avatars always appear at the beginning of a string of Text or Summary Item. In some cases, they may be customized to provide further personalization.

User Avatars highlight individuals associated with specific content.


  • Deploy Avatars whenever the content is highly personal (such as in conversations in Pulse) or if the user is critical to case information (such as Last updated data)
  • Non-customized user Avatars display the first letter of the user's first name / given name and the first initial of the last name / family name
  • Small renderings of the non-customized user Avatars will display on the first letter of the first name
  • Avatars representing people, such as User, are always presented in a circle

Squircle Avatars are used for group, channel or case type identities.


  • Deploy group Avatars whenever displaying a team,organization, or many contributors
  • Non-customized group Avatars should show only a single user when rendered very small
  • Generic channels (such as chat, phone, chatbot, and email) use Cosmos' generic palette
  • Brand-specific channel Avatars, such as Facebook or Twitter, should adopt that brand's color palette
  • Due to the personal nature of the channel's relationship to a user, channel Avatars are similar to user Avatars and be represented within a circle