Case view

Low-code configurable 8.6

The case view acts as a full-page layout of a case. It contains all information related to a case and is where a user works on a given case.

The case view page renders the current case's work and details, embedding all tabs, panels, tasks, and widgets, to provide a clear picture of what is happening within the case and what needs to be done by the end user.

The case view component is broken into three distinct columns:

The leftmost column features the summary panel, which details any top-level details related to the case being viewed.

The rightmost column consists of any number of list utility components that are ideal for displaying lists of data for interaction. This column may collapse on smaller screens or by toggling the expand collapse button.

The center column features the optional case lifecycle and tasks regions.

This demo features the entirety of the case view component. For more details on the individual components that build the case view, refer to their respective documentation.

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