Low-code configurable 8.6

Checkboxes allow users to select or unselect a given option.

Checkboxes should be used when displaying less than 7 options. If you require more than 7 options, consider using a select field instead.


Use a single checkbox for binary selections, such as a decision or affirmation. A user may select and deselect the checkbox as many times as they like. Do not use the checkbox when a user MUST make an active decision, such as yes or no (use radio group) or if you are expecting the changes to apply instantly (use a switch).

Checkbox group

If there are multiple options to select, wrap the checkboxes in a checkbox group. By doing so, all of the selections made will belong to the same form value. You may also require that a user select a certain amount of options to continue.

Checkbox card

A checkbox card can be used to display large volumes of content within a single wrapper. For example, it may include imagery and headings in addition to checkboxes.


This is useful when a user must select an option to progress further in the application, like when accepting Terms & Conditions.