Files & documents

Low-code configurable 8.6

The files & document widget holds any additional documents needed to work on a case. It sits within the utilities panel of the case view component. In Pega, files & documents are unlike attachments in consumer applications; the files & documents widget is what houses attachments and links, and can categorize, rename, and customize the material it holds.

When uploading documents to this component, all data is added to the queue before content is uploaded into files & documents. This is important for auditing.

The files & documents widget may sit inline where enough space is available. The user only needs to access the file browser, which opens in a modal. When there is not enough space to include the files & documents widget inline, there are other ways of attaching files beyond the file browser. This approach is used in the default files & documents widget. Drag-and-drop is not available on mobile.

Attachments may be displayed as a list or as individual cards.


In list form, all attachments display one action: either the only action (e.g., edit) or a menu of allowed actions. Swipe support may show additional actions. See tables and lists for more details.


Tile form is typically used when the files & documents widget is attached to a chat conversation or a table row. Similar to the list display, there is one action per item (typically a remove button).

All tiles must be the same width. The maximum width of each card is up to 250 px. The minimum width is 150 px.