Low-code configurable 8.6

Similar to stakeholders, followers is a utility widget that shows all of the people involved in a case. It is located in the utilities panel of the case view.

The followers widget content regions may scale to the height of the content or have a fixed height with scroll.

“View all” opens the full list of followers in a review modal and appears when by default there are 3 or more followers. The add button may be conditional based on the user’s role.

Widget card

The card form of the followers widget contains the following regions: heading, content region, card/tile actions (optional), add new (conditional), header imagery, view all button (conditional) and total results counter badge.

This component has only one main content column available.

The card and tile actions area may contain an expand collapse toggle, back button, or selectable UI imagery or cards.

The view all followers button only appears when the maximum number of results is exceeded.

Widget review modal

The widget review modal of the followers widget is displayed when a user selects “view all”. This form contains the following regions: table toolbar, list of results, search filter, add new (optional).