Modal dialog

Low-code configurable 8.6

Modal dialogs, also known as modals, communicate information using an overlaid window that allows users to remain within the context of their workflow, but demands their attention.

Modals are used for creating new items and editing existing cases.

Modals allow users to remain within the context of their workflow. For example, a user may need to create a new case related to the one they are currently viewing. They may be minimized and “docked” to the bottom of the screen, allowing users to review or copy other application content directly into the modal while they work.

Modals are dismissible by default. They can also be closed via the escape key, or by clicking anywhere outside of the modal.

In Cosmos React, modals may increase in size to fit wider content within.

Modal update

This is an example of the modal component being used for editing.

Minimizable modal

Modals can be minimized to be re-opened at any point. When minimized, the modal heading will appear in the bottom right of the viewport. From here, the modal can either be closed, or re-opened by clicking on the header.