Related Cases

Related Cases is a widget that enables users to see a list of all cases related to the current case within the application.

Widget card

The card form of the Related Cases widget contains the following regions: header, content region, card/tile actions (optional), add new (optional), card title, card background color, header imagery, footer region, error/load/empty state, and total results counter badge.

This component has only one main content column available. It may have a fixed height and scroll within the content column. Only one-column available in base component. May have a fixed height and scroll inside.

The footer region only appears when the maximum number of results is exceeded.

Widget review modal

The modal dialog view of the Related Cases widget contains the following regions: Table toolbar, list of results, search filter, add new (optional), modal (default), and error/load/empty state.

Overflow may be responsive, adaptive, or fixed. The content regions may either be fixed height with scroll or allowed to scale to the height of the content.

View all options opens a modal dialog and appears when there are more items available than the widget displays be default.

The Related Cases widget must not appear if there are no case types allowed or none are linked.

The Add (+) button must not appear if a case has been linked, but may not link to other cases.