Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor is capable of collecting free-form text and images from the user and also allows the text to be styled. It is used within a Form when styled text is preferred over the plain text provided by the Text Area. It also can be used for document and note creation/editing.

The Rich Text Editor shares props with the Text Input component, so form control props are built in. Check Text Input component documentation for more details.

The Rich Text Editor provides two different types - markdown and rich text. The rich text type will render the full Rich Text Editor and its toolbar, consisting of the options included in the toolbar prop. The markdown type strips the Rich Text Editor down to a simple input, but it still allows for the usage of mentions and tags.

Rich text

The Rich Text Editor uses a React Imperative Handle in order to update its ref with new functions that allow developers to interact with the Rich Text Editor programmatically.


The markdownOnly version of the Rich Text Editor is a Text Input that only outputs plain text. However, it still has the capability to do mention and tag searches like the regular Rich Text Editor.