Stakeholders is a utility widget that shows all of the people who have a staked interest in the outcome of a case.

“View all” opens the review modal and appears when there are 3+ related results. If not shown, it must be hidden behind screen-reader-only text: “View all stakeholders”.

The add (+) button may be conditional based on the user’s role.

Widget card

The stakeholders widget has three regions: a header, content area, and footer. The header contains the imagery, heading, count, and action. The content area holds the list of stakeholders. The footer conditionally shows a "View all" button when the list contains more than 3 items.

The footer region is shown when there are 3+ stakeholders by default. “View all stakeholders” must be labeled accessibly.

This component has only one main content column available.

A stakeholder (often a prospect, contact, or a customer) may be previewed if the user hovers or focuses the stakeholder name or avatar.

Widget review modal

The View all button opens a modal that allows users to search the whole list of results and conditionally add new stakeholders.