Cosmos and prescribed design

NOTE: The information on this site pertains to the Cosmos React version of the Cosmos design system (Pega 8.6+). For Theme Cosmos documentation, visit Pega Community.

The goal of design systems is to build cohesive, intuitive UX. But not all design systems work the same way.

Many enterprise design systems are plug-and-play— allowing designers to select UI elements and then assign functionality to those elements, thereby building workflows piece by piece. But this approach can result in a confusing and disjointed experience, leading to user confusion and a loss of productivity— and it takes longer to design and configure.

The Pega Cosmos design system works differently. Cosmos embraces prescribed design for designers, business architects and other non-technical application builders.

As a prescribed design system, Cosmos offers out-of-the-box, prebuilt, and pre-designed workflows, patterns, and components that work together to create productive user experiences. By embracing prescribed design, you can use Cosmos to build Pega applications without a professional developer. As a Cosmos designer, you focus on articulating the business logic and desired user outcomes— while Cosmos takes care of the UI design.

As a designer or business architect, the Cosmos approach will help you:

  • Deliver ideal UX for the core guided workflow paradigms that differentiate all Pega solutions
  • Design and configure workflows that are proven to drive user action
  • Focus more on the user's journey, not UI mechanics
  • Avoid UI mistakes in your application
  • Prototype, design, and configure your enterprise application much faster
  • Get more value from your application, faster

With Cosmos, your users will:

  • Get work done without distractions
  • Learn your application quickly through familiar interaction patterns
  • Have access to built-in accessibility and localization support
  • Enjoy an elegant, efficient and beautiful application design

Pega currently offers two versions of Cosmos: Cosmos React (built on Pega’s new view-based architecture), and Theme Cosmos (built on Pega’s classic section-based architecture). Learn more about each version.