Design quality

The Cosmos design system follows a governance model to produce high-quality product design work efficiently and consistently.

The Design Quality group at Pega is a cross-functional collaboration composed of the Design Ops team, design system owners, and a federated group of contributors across the Pega product organization. The Design Ops team permanently maintains the day-to-day operations of the system. Design Ops is responsible for establishing and monitoring a consistent level of quality across Pega products.

Our federated group of contributors enhance the system by submitting proposals for design iteration, helping to establish system patterns, and by vocalizing the needs of end users and business stakeholders.

Together, the Design Quality group ensures that the Cosmos design system informs Pega product design and vice versa.

Any user of the system can submit a proposal for a new component or pattern — either by contacting our team directly.

To help accelerate consideration of your request, if possible, please provide the following information:

  1. Verify the component or pattern does not already exist
  2. Provide competitive research or a vetted user need
  3. Attach a wireframe or rough idea of the concept

Once the proposal is received by Design Quality, the team reviews all proposals based upon the following considerations:

  • Is there a broad enough audience for the idea?
  • Have the use cases been confirmed via testing?
  • Has this component or pattern taken into account responsiveness and other constraints?
  • What are the interactions (mouse, touch, keyboard) for this component or pattern?
  • Does the design consider all states of the interaction (ie. hover, focus, active, disable, read-only, success, error, warn, required, loading, no items (empty) — too many items, truncation, localization, accessibility, security restrictions, etc.)?
  • Does this component or pattern have the necessary labels and documentation?
  • Is this component or pattern able to be developed within Pega?

The team will follow up with the submitter providing the next steps once the review period is complete.