Our story

As part of the Pega Product UX Design team, we keep design thinking at the root of our UX design solutions. Practicing design thinking means using empathy to craft valuable design solutions that cater to the needs of your audience.

Using this approach, we develop UI/UX solutions based on user feedback. This ensures our solutions provide efficient, easy-to-learn and powerful tools for front-end teams to solve higher-level UX and usability problems for enterprise organizations.

Pega Cosmos is based on the following principles:

  • Enterprise software must be designed for performance. Business applications must be productive and lead to efficient business outcomes for end users as well as developers and designers. Pega Cosmos prioritizes both end-user productivity and easier authoring by low-code and professional developers.
  • Enterprise software should be easy to learn. We look for ways to re-purpose familiar interactions and UX patterns for enterprise, with the goal of greatly reducing expensive training time for end users, thereby saving onboarding costs for clients.
  • Building apps should be simple for citizen developers & designers. We empower both technical and non-technical teams to deliver engaging experiences, instead of configuring complex software. The Pega Platform™ is an enormously powerful system— but our job is to take complex and powerful technology and make it accessible.