Cosmos features and UI architecture

NOTE: This information is intended for front-end developers. Low-code developers, business architects and UX designers must refer to the design tab of this site.

The Cosmos React library is comprised of many components used to construct a feature-rich UI, from basic building blocks to complex layouts.

Cosmos React, the latest implementation of the Pega Cosmos design system, offers different building experiences for low-code and front-end developers. Low-code developers build applications with out-of-the-box solutions for improved productivity. Front-end developers may build with additional agility within Cosmos React, including the ability to orchestrate multiple experiences from the same app definition and extend Cosmos components for advanced use cases.

Built on React icon

Built on React

Utilize a library of hook-driven, functional components supported by the leading front-end ecosystem
Powered by TypeScript icon

Powered by TypeScript

Work confidently with a strongly typed language to serve application integrity and developer experience
Crafted with styled-components icon

Crafted with styled-components

Combine the benefits of JavaScript with the familiarity of CSS in a modular and scalable pattern
Ready to theme icon

Ready to theme

Integrate flexible custom branding provided by a robust, contextual theming engine
Made for you icon

Made for you

Satisfy enterprise application needs through streamlined workflows and essential building blocks

Cosmos React

Cosmos React runs on Pega's new UI architecture that includes a client-side engine to orchestrate Pega Platform application logic and data. Cosmos React is a realization of the Cosmos design system built with ReactJS, an open-source, front-end framework.

Developer resources for Cosmos React on Pega Community: