The Stakeholders component displays a list of users that pertain to a case, and allows the addition or removal of users from the list.

For more information on how to use the features and props for this component, check out the developer documentation.

To learn more about configuration, visit Pega Community.

The Stakeholders component is built on top of the SummaryList component and thus takes the same props such as count, loading, and error. The title of this component cannot be changed, unless for translation purposes via the Configuration component. For more information on these props, refer to the SummaryList documentation.

The items that compose the list of stakeholders may each have an onEdit and onRemove callback function. If provided, these options will render inline with the stakeholder item. A plus Button will render in the top corner of the Stakeholders Card that will open a Modal with a Form that is composed based on attributes passed to the form prop. Use this form to add new stakeholders to the list.

View all

A View all button will render at the bottom of the list that opens a Modal based on the viewAll props that are provided. These may include options such as loading and onSearch. The Add new Button within the view all Modal will open the Add stakeholder Modal.

currentRole: Role; loading: false | true; onAfterClose: undefined | () => void; onDismiss: (__namedParameters: {
closeForm: () => void; }) => void; onSubmit: (__namedParameters: {
      closeForm: () => void;
      selectedRoleName: undefined | string;
}) => void; renderer: ComponentType<{ selectedRoleName: ; }>; rendererProps: undefined | ; roles: Role[]; }
Data and a component required to render a form for both add and edit. If there are roles, the renderer is passed the currently selected role.
items*Stakeholder[]The initial array of stakeholders presented in the default state of the widget. This array will be sliced internally to the first three items but recommend only passing up to that length as a best practice.
  loading: false | true;
  onAfterClose: undefined | () => void;
  onSearch: undefined | (value: string) => void;
onAddNew() => voidCalled when a user opens the add form.
onViewAll() => voidCalled when a user opens the view all modal.