Pega Sales Automation

Philip Wang

Senior UX Designer, Lead, Pega Sales Automation

You care about winning deals. Pega Sales Automation is a complete solution for sales people to manage leads, opportunities, and other sales activity to close those deals. The design brings relevant information front and center, focusing on actionable insights and collaboration across the sales team. Behind the scenes, our AI engine continuously adapts the latest data to make this all possible.

New updates are pushed to you keeping you informed throughout your opportunity’s lifecycle.

Sales management is kept in the loop through fluid communication with their sales teams and predictive forecasting to help run the business.

Last updated: Apr 2018

Customer Service

Omar Benmoussa

Lead UX Designer, Manager, Pega Customer Service

Pega Customer Service gives customer service representatives - known as CSRs - complete insight of their customer. The Interaction Portal has all the customer's information, including their account information, recent cases and interactions. The entire history of the customer's journey with a specific company or service is readily available. From here, the CSR can alter information, answer questions, or initiate service cases based on that customer's needs.

Last updated: Apr 2018

Pega Marketing

Chiranit Prateepasen

Lead UX Designer, Manager, Pega Marketing

The Pega Marketing Customer Journey shows the customer’s paths while engaging with a business, and which offers are most effective. The stages and criteria can be customized to each business’s needs.

The interactive visualization helps identify which channels and messages are most effective by stage; and where customers get “stuck,” or drop off completely. Filtering allows fine-tuned control of the view, and animation further clarifies the selected paths.

Last updated: Apr 2018

Pega Express

Amos Wagon

Director, UX

Pega Express provides a single, fastest and unified platform experience to build & modify rich business applications. It provides a highly intuitive no-code environment with simplified potential of the Pega7 platform capabilities, including a responsive authoring experience, business process templates, seamless integration & data management, personalised dashboards, reporting and other business specific capabilities. 
Pega Express also uses state-of-the-art designed omni-channel experience for consumers to interact across multiple business channels including email, SMS, FB messenger and latest IOT devices while creating conversational bots.

Last updated: Apr 2018

Pega Playground

Chris LaChance

Senior UX Designer, Lead, Mobility

Pega Playground showcases the power & versatiltiy of the Pega mobile offering in a fun, simple way. Try if for yourself free from the Apple store or the Google Play store.

Last updated: Apr 2018

Client Lifecycle Management

Julia DeGemmis

UX Designer

Client Lifecycle Management allows financial institutions to efficiently onboard their customers, while ensuring compliance and transparency.

Client Lifecycle Management app

Last updated: Apr 2018

Release pipeline

Nataraj Vengala

Senior UX Manager

Automated release pipeline is a continuous integration and continuous delivery practice to improve customer’s time-to-market and quality. This helps in reducing Pega application production deployment from days to hours and completely automate deployment of platform builds.

Release pipeline with configuration options shown

Last updated: Apr 2018

Workforce Intelligence

Chris Shepard

UX Designer

Pega Workforce Intelligence quickly enables managers with data-driven insights needed to develop a more productive workforce. 

Workforce Intelligence

Last updated: Apr 2018

Social collaboration

Saleem Mohammed

Principal UX Designer

Pega Social adds activity stream capabilities and facilitates collaboration and conversation among various participants by enabling users to share instant messages, files, and URLs with other users in their work group.

Example of Pega's social collaboration stream

Last updated: Apr 2018

Pega Underwriting for Insurance

Katie Riker

UX Designer

Pega Underwriting is designed to assist highly skilled insurance underwriters in the decision making process of pricing.

Pega Underwriting for Insurance

Last updated: Apr 2018

Pega Care Management

John Petersen

UX Designer

Pega Care Management is a patient-centric care management solution that optimizes the creation and management of care plans. Designed expressly for the growing requirements of today’s healthcare organizations, Care Management provides a unified approach that leverages the value of highly skilled care management professionals to ensure that optimal care is delivered to both populations and individuals across chronic and acute conditions.

Care Management screen capture

Last updated: Apr 2018

Data import wizard

Sandeep Thorat

Senior UX Designer

Data import wizard provides extensible capability to migrate all data into Pega SA application, including custom fields created. The tool is designed in such a way that the migration is intuitive and performant so the users can begin trying it out as quickly as possible.

Example of the data import wizard in action

Last updated: Apr 2018