Client Lifecycle Management

Julia DeGemmis

UX Designer

Client Lifecycle Management allows financial institutions to efficiently onboard their customers, while ensuring compliance and transparency.

Relationship Managers can easily initiate new business relationships for entities ranging from international enterprises, to funds, to retail consumers. In a complex industry full of regulatory processes, CLM aims to simplify and expedite Due Diligence and surface potential risks. By providing a unified interface of the customer journey, it allows for intra-organizational transparency and in-context communication between front-office and back-office.

The onboarding overview ensures that mandatory, sequential processes are enforced, while making ad-hoc actions available. The 360-degree view of the customer empowers users by surfacing important information such as their risk assessment, Know Your Customer records, products, related parties and documents. With guided onboarding and customer maintenance, financial institutions can worry less about orchestrating these complex processes and more about their customer relationships.

View of an onboarding processView of initial onboarding choices

Last updated: Jul 2018