Customer Service

Omar Benmoussa

Lead UX Designer, Manager, Pega Customer Service

Jamie Sigadel

UX Designer

Pega Customer Service™ gives customer service representatives - known as CSRs - complete insight of their customer.

The Interaction Portal has all of a customer's information, including their account information, recent cases and interactions, and AI-driven suggestions on how best to serve the customer. The entire history of the customer's journey with a specific company or service is readily available. From here, the CSR can alter information, answer questions, or initiate service cases based on that customer's needs. The portal also contains helpful widgets: One example being the Customer Movie.

The Customer Movie is a timeline mapping the various events in an user's account. Payment history, offers they accepted, and any interaction with customer service are all recorded here. Whether a customer uses their computer, phone or other device - we have it mapped to their account. Another widget is Pega Social Engagement. This gives CSRs insight into a customerʼs social activity. If a customer has an issue they post to Twitter, a CSR can respond to them right away. Being able to access these various touchpoints ensures a smooth, consistent experience.

All these tools combined give the CSR a 360-degree view of the customer - allowing the CSR to best support them.

Customer service reps can see a 360 view of a customerSee the customer's journey in a timeline

Last updated: Aug 2018