Pega Field Service

Omar Benmoussa

Lead UX Designer, Manager, Pega Customer Service

Jamie Sigadel

UX Designer

Pega Field Service™ helps businesses that rely on field technicians.

For large companies especially, it can be difficult to manage large numbers of workers. This means managing hundreds of people simultaneously: Making sure that they arrive to their jobs on time, complete their jobs in an efficient manner, and practice best practices while doing so. The Field Service application suite gives insight into all phases of this process.

The Admin Portal allows for the initial configuration of teams, services, and work that has to be completed. This portal is for administrators who want to have total control and insight over their company.

The Dispatcher Portal (pictured) gives a dispatcher total control over deploying technicians into the field. Shown here are two views: The schedule view and the Finalize view. The Dispatcher can keep track of workers using the schedule, as well as assign new work. Using the Finalize view, the dispatcher can update a workerʼs schedule with only a few clicks. Thirdly, there is the Interaction Portal, which facilitates the conversation between customers and CSRs.

Field Services Mobile is for technicians on-the-go. This application allows workers to access job information, give updates to the dispatcher, and complete their work - all in real-time. By using these applications, the task of managing an entire workforce is made simple.

Last updated: Jul 2018