Workforce Intelligence

Ben Gadwah

UX Designer


Pega Workforce Intelligence™ is an enterprise application that delivers immediate insight into an organization’s capacity by identifying productivity habits and encouraging more efficient workdays specific to employees habits. Using Pega’s data acquisition technology to access and control desktop elements, Workforce Intelligence collects, aggregates, and synthesizes data captured throughout and employee’s workday.


Trends deliver transparency about employee activity, behaviors, and focus for identifying opportunities to help facilitate individual development and drive greater work productivity. Information about activity is on display in charts and timelines to break down trends by assigned category.


Visibility into how time is spent throughout the workday allows managers and employees to optimize time spent performing production work and minimize non-work or “idle” time. Trends and insights provide users with ways to improve and inform them when they’re doing well.

Dashboard for workforce intelligenceHow an employee is spending their dayView details of any item

Last updated: Jul 2018