Cosmos Work

Powered with Pega as its backbone, Cosmos Work is a design system theme created for employees managing daily workflows. Consisting of human-centered interface guidelines and design resources, the system helps teams more effectively build software.

  • Pega 8.3+ only

Art meets functionality

A release consistent with Pega’s long-term vision of design innovation — Cosmos Work is a new visual language that unifies the needs of users and the possibilities of Pega technology. Intended to be a living library, design organizes the complexities of product into a more intuitive language for designers, developers, and customers.

Accelerate your workflow

Rapidly flow from task to task across multiple applications and work types all while being guided by AI, unified interaction patterns, and common mental models. Cosmos Work makes knowing what is best to do next a snap.

Find what you want, when you need it

Juggling multiple assignments at once can be difficult, especially when you need to reference multiple documents at once to complete your work. Cosmos Work's new "Preview Panel" provides quick access to actions and summary information without leaving the context of the task at hand.

Consumer-grade interaction

Cosmos Work is a modern single-page, work experience that leverages familiar and native browser functionality, such as browser back and multiple browser tabs, while eliminating new page and content flickers.

Unified work and collaboration

Each item contains a unified activity and collaboration feed, Pulse, that surfaces the latest activity in an item. Collaboration is seamlessly integrated into the activity feed so users understand both the history and the conversation around it. Documents, conversations, and Pega's discussion groups, called Spaces, provide the collaboration tools you need without leaving the application.

Designed with humans in mind

Cosmos Work’s responsive layout seamlessly shifts with how people choose to work — enabling our technology to work for you instead of the other way around. Experience the best of Pega UI across every device, window, and screen size.