Angular Vue React Ember Pega Cosmos
Built-in UX design systemComprehensive UI/UX functionality, including the CSS layer and UX design system No No No No Yes
3rd party design systems Ability adopt 3rd party design systems easily Yes Yes Yes Yes No(on roadmap)
Native mobile componentsNative mobile gestures, transitions, and components combined with the ease and scalability of progressive web apps Yes(with 3rd party) Yes Yes (via React Native) No Yes
Offline mobility support Apps can function without an internet connection yes(with libraries) Yes Yes No Yes
MVC management Complete model-view-controller architecture Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Client-side templating Maximizes code re-usability and maintainability and improves performance on low-bandwidth networks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Model driven CSS CSS generated from a model, yet endlessly extendable Yeswith library No Yeswith library No Yes
Enterprise-scale styling Ability to define, re-use and leverage user experience assets across the enterprise, out of the box No(not OOTB) No(not OOTB) No(not OOTB) No Yes
Built-in omni-channel CX/UX Responsive and/or adaptive UIs, out-of-the-box No Yes Yes (via React Native) No Yes
Low-code or no-code development Model driven UI development No No No No Yes
Integrated UI within an application dev systemEnterprise-level data caching, data management, security, access control, version control, integrations with third-party systems, out of the box No No No No Yes