The Pega logo

The Pega Platform logo portrays the spirit of Pegasystem's industry-leading software products. It is elegant and clean—representing the platform's ability to simplify and clarify an organization's business practices.

When the logo is used in an application header:

  • The version number (7, 8, etc.) should not be shown.
  • Spacing is adjusted to match the application header content.
Pega Platform logo, when used in an application header

Last updated: Apr 2019

Application names

Application names should be presented as Open Sans 400 weight (regular), 14px tall, and in title case.

Application names should be concise and not include industry markers (e.g., not "Underwriting for Insurance," simply "Underwriting").

Any trademark symbol should be shifted to a higher baseline.

Application name examples

Last updated: Jan 2018

Mobile app icons

All Pega applications used on mobile device use the default Pega app icon to start, but may customize for their app if desired.

Mobile app icons have a simple "flat" graphic toward the top, with "Pega" brand text below. iOS icons have a subtle gradient in a rounded-point square, Android icons have a solid white background in circle. Icons shouldn't use more than one area with the new Pega teal.

Application icon example

When submitting a mobile app to an app store, follow the guidelines for the various images required by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Last updated: Jan 2018

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